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How To Trade Cryptocurrency And Futures Trading In India – 2022

Futures Trading is all in the name - the trade you execute will take place in the future. Unlike its Spot Trading counterpart, the current price of a cryptocurrency is not the price at which a Futures Trading deal is executed. Instead, the price will be what it is on the date and time at which the two parties agree to complete the transaction - allowing traders to speculate on the direction of a commodity into the future. With India’s role in cryptocurrency beginning to grow considerably, the importance of Futures Trading will grow in the region. As more and more India based cryptocurrency users build up their experience and knowledge of markets, they will no doubt look to Futures Trading to capitalize on the flows of the industry by creating prospective trades for the future. Futures Trading allows India based users to complete cryptocurrency trades based on their future predictions for the markets they are investing in. Simply put, if a user believes that the price of a token is going to rise, they are able to create a contract that allows them to create a purchase with a view to selling it at a higher price in the future. The same is true for token prices that are predicted to fall - users in India can sell their current positions with a view to buying it back at a lower price.

Futures Trading is a chosen method for traders because they may have a good indication about the direction at which a price is heading, and could be a good option for India based prospective cryptocurrency traders who are becoming ever-experienced in their markets. If a trader believes that a token is currently trading at a price in India that is lower than its true value, they can buy a stake in that token, and using a Futures contract sell the token at a later date for an increased price. Again, the same is true for if a cryptocurrency price is higher than expected in the eyes of the trader - they can sell their stake and schedule to trade it back at a lower price.

This kind of trading, whilst also carrying greater levels of risk, carries great opportunities for India based traders. If a trader truly feels that they know their market, they have a tremendous chance of reaping the benefits of their knowledge in the form of increased returns from the cryptocurrency they choose to trade. To trade Futures contracts on ZB.com, you will firstly need your account set up, with a withdrawal address linked to your account and a completed deposit. Details on both how to set up a withdrawal address and how to deposit can be found on your ‘Account Information’.

India based cryptocurrency traders have a tremendous opportunity to dive into the world of Futures, with the role of crypto ever-growing in the country. If you are based in India and are looking for a way to trade cryptocurrency in a market that you’ve got a good understanding of, consider Futures to apply this knowledge base and take advantage of the continuous flows of the industry.