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Bitcoin Price

Looking for the latest Bitcoin price? There are so many places to find the live btc price, but a clear favorite amongst traders is to go to sites like coinmarketcap and check out live prices. Other sites like Coingecko are also a viable option, as well as trading platforms such as ZB.com and Binance. The btc value is ever changing, and it’s important as a trader to have full oversight over the latest bitcoin price to ensure you are trading at a competitive level that is a fair price.

What is the price of Bitcoin?

Btc has been on an incredible growth journey since its inception in 2008. Currently, 1 bitcoin to USD is approximately $40,000, however back during its inaugural years 1 bitcoin to USD was as low as $0.10. When it entered circulation in 2009, the Bitcoin price was worth $0. Imagine getting hold of one when the Bitcoin price was absolutely free!

At times, USD to BTC has been as high as $60,000. In October 2021, 1 bitcoin to USD was over $61,000, which was the highest price in the crypto’s short history. In comparison to the US neighbors of Canada, the peak bitcoin price CAD was as high as 85,000. Currently, the bitcoin price CAD is floating around the 50,000 mark.

Over time, the growth of the Bitcoin price - and cryptocurrencies in general - has led to sites such as coinmarketcap developing to be the one stop shop for all things btc price related. On platforms like this, the bitcoin price can be tracked using real time data, a live bitcoin chart can be viewed, as can historical bitcoin charts showing its performance over 24hr, 7 day, 30 day and 90 day periods. Other similar sites like CoinGecko and dedicated cryptocurrency exchanges such as ZB and Binance also allow this.

Behind the growth of such technologies is the continuous growth of the Bitcoin price and the incredible growth of the industry. The whole function of live price websites and crypto exchanges is not only to facilitate trading but to also highlight things like btc price. What’s more, when the btc price changes - as it does so frequently - these websites will capture these changes accurately and effectively every time.

What is the future of Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin future will ultimately be dependent on the Bitcoin price. The higher the Bitcoin price, the more stable the Bitcoin future will be.

Currently, markets are ever-growing, albeit with short term lapses in value. Currently, the Bitcoin price is in a state of flux, increasing by over $2k in one 24 hour period followed by a reduction that undoes all of the good work it did previously. With that said, the Bitcoin price has been on a continuous growth journey for many years, and while its peak price close to $60k is a distant memory in comparison to its current price, it is also a long way from some of the low prices it had experienced in previous years also. The bitcoin future is definitely set up for the long term, however it will need to eradicate some of its inconsistencies and volatility before it becomes a truly matured and stable option for the market.

Most trusted crypto platforms to buy Bitcoin?

The most notable crypto platforms on which you can buy Bitcoin are:

  • ZB.com
  • CoinMarketCap
  • CoinGecko
  • Binance

ZB.com is the world’s most secure digital asset exchange. One of the biggest names in crypto exchanges since 2013, you can buy Bitcoin on ZB by either using your credit/debit card, or directly from other traders on the ZB platform via P2P trading.

As previously introduced, the likes of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko are the leading cryptocurrency price sites. However, rather than simply observing and analyzing crypto markets on these platforms, traders can also find the facilitation of purchasing crypto on these sites.

Binance is the leading player in the crypto exchange space. Just like on ZB.com, Bitcoin can be purchased using credit and debit cards or simply from other traders through P2P trading.

How to buy Bitcoin?

  • Go to the world’s most secure crypto exchange, ZB.com, or download the ZB Pro app from either the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Check the btc price alongside live markets to determine what type of market it is and whether to buy long or sell short
  • Complete an online transaction through your local currency
  • Get your Bitcoin in your ZB wallet!

When did Bitcoin start?

  • 2008 - the year that the Bitcoin whitepaper was released.
  • Bitcoin was officially circulated as a cryptocurrency in 2009

How Many Bitcoins Are There?

  • The total cap on the amount of Bitcoins to be put into circulation is 21,000,000
  • Currently, there are over 19,000,000 Bitcoins in circulation, with approximately 900 Bitcoins being added on a daily basis
  • It is predicted that the last ever Bitcoin will be mined in 2140

Bitcoin Misconceptions

  • Bitcoins are unlimited (they’re actually capped at 21,000,000
  • Bitcoins will replace fiat money (governments across the world are working with major cryptocurrency companies to collaborate and cohabitate the same spaces)
  • Bitcoins are not secure (transaction information relating to bitcoins is stored on the blockchain, the most secure technology ever made for digital transactions)
  • Bitcoins are real money (they are in fact digital money - they’re not physical currency

What is the price of bitcoin?

The current cryptocurrency Bitcoin price is floating around the $40k mark. More recently, it has fallen towards $39k however the btc value is susceptible to leaping by easily $2-3k in the space of a few hours.

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process of entering new Bitcoin into circulation. As Bitcoin can’t be printed, it has to be mined. Very powerful sets of computer rigs will work on solving complex mathematical problems relating to the last ‘block’ of data in the chain. When it is solved, a new Bitcoin is created.

What is the current price of bitcoin?

The current cryptocurrency Bitcoin price is floating around the $40k mark. More recently, it has fallen towards $39k however the btc value is susceptible to leaping by easily $2-3k in the space of a few hours.

How much is a bitcoin worth?

A Bitcoin is currently worth approximately $40k, with about $2-3k range in between.

Who has the most bitcoin?

While there are many many Bitcoin owners around the world, the person who has the most Bitcoin is its conceptor - Satoshi Nakamoto. However, nobody knows who he is…

How to buy bitcoin with paypal?

Depending on the platform which you are purchasing Bitcoin from, you will be able to use Paypal to complete the process in the same way that you use your debit or credit card.

What did bitcoin start at?

Bitcoin started at $0! When Bitcoins were first circulated, you could get hold of a Bitcoin for absolutely nothing.