The ZB VIP level structure is newly upgraded with even more functions added. Upgrade your VIP level to enjoy transaction fees as low as 0.03%.

Ultra-low Transaction Fees

Exclusive UP Purchase Quota

VIP Customer Service Support

Exclusive Privileges

1、VIP0 users can upgrade their VIP levels via purchasing or lockup ZB.

2、The VIP level has an expiration date: purchase date plus purchase duration.

3、User is able to renew the current VIP level or upgrade to a higher VIP level. The payment method (ZB Purchase or ZB Lockup) used for renewal or upgrade must be consistent with the current VIP level’s payment method. If you want to change the payment method, you need to wait until the current VIP level expires and open with another payment method.

4、When you renew your VIP Level, the expiration date of VIP level will be accumulated.

5、When you upgrade your VIP level, the expiration date remains the same, and you need to make up the difference in purchase price or ZB lockup amount required to upgrade the VIP level.

6、Opening or upgrading VIP will take effect immediately, and less than one day will be calculated according to one day.

7、The VIP Level transaction fee and Market Maker transaction fee are mutually exclusive of each other. If you choose between either transaction, the one with the lowest transaction fee shall apply.

8、The original Super VIPs “SVIP1, SVIP2, SVIP3 and SVIP4” will automatically enjoy the privileges equal to “VIP6, VIP7, VIP8 and VIP9”, and Super VIPs follow the original relegation and downgrading rules. Super VIPs can also purchase VIP Level, but the fee discount and privileges cannot be added, and the platform will automatically select the best discount and maximum privilege.

levelTrading FeesPay with ZBPurchaseLockup ZBUP Amount