Account Security Guide


Website Authentication

Please make sure you are visiting the official website. Official Websites are shown below :-


Security Settings

API Security Guide

Bind Personal IP

IP binding can effectively prevent servers of non-registered IP from invoking permission to conduct transactions and other operations.

Avoid using third-party platform authorization binding.

For account security, avoid using third-party platform authorization binding.

Avoid the disclosure of the secret key.

The disclosure of the secret key may cause a third party to operate the account to buy in high price and sell in low price, which will result in the loss of assets

Virus Prevention

Avoid the usage of public networks.

The public network security is relatively low which allows hackers to steal your personal information easily.

Avoid the usage of public computers, mobile phones or any other shared equipment.

Avoid logging in to your account on public computers or any other shared mobile devices.

Avoid clicking on unknown links and avoid downloading apps from unknown sources.

Please be aware of your surroundings whilst trading, and always ensure that you log out of your account when you have finished trading


Phishing attack is a criminal fraud process that ultimately swindles sensitive personal information such as passwords, funds and verification codes by pretending to be the official website, official customer support or other official members.

Pay attention to the counterfeit official messages sent via email/text message.

Do not trust or participate in any non-official activity in the ZB community

Avoid exchanging personal informations such as passwords, verification codes etc will only publish the official information on the official website and official ZB communities. Do not trust any non-official information on the other communities.
Do not use your account information/deposit funds through unofficial websites. This could lead to fund losses due to the fraudulaant usage of your personal information by phishing websites.

Offline Storage

Our platform is kept secure by strict security processes, identity verification and round-the-clock access to a security team dedicated to keeping your assets safe. It is this commitment to security that has allowed us to have zero breaches in our lifetime

More than 80% of the user's funds are stored offline and the funds are physically isolated from the network, which greatly improves the security level of user funds.

Sensitive data is encrypted by splitting redundancy, which is encrypted by AES-256, and stored independently from the server.

Install a security alert system and a real-time monitoring system in your server to establish a high-level of server security protection. This can effectively prevent the serious consequences caused by the extreme attacks.


If you have any queries, please contact the official website’s online customer service.