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Bitcoin to AED

Since the beginning of 2022, a lot of attention has been placed on Dubai as a new global crypto hub. Dubbed the Wall Street of Crypto, the demand to convert bitcoin to AED is ever growing amongst traders. Many budding crypto fanatics are now wondering how to buy bitcoin in UAE, as traders seek a crypto exchange UAE based to help them get started on their trading journey. With that, Bitcoin, to AED becomes an ever-popular search term in the region, with the Bitcoin price in AEDbeing a daily source of interest for many in the region.

Convert Bitcoin to AED - Find the value of Bitcoin in Dubai

As demand for cryptocurrencies has gathered pace in Dubai, so has the demand for an accurate and live Bitcoin to AED conversion. To convert bitcoin to AED, traders will need a top crypto exchange uae based to help facilitate the conversion. Currently, 1 BTC to AED is approximately 110,000 AED - lower than it has been for a long time. At certain points in its recent history, the Bitcoin price in AED has been as high as 230,000 AED+, however on average Bitcoin to AED tends to convert between 150,000-200,000 AED.

Dubai may well be new to the crypto party, however it’s not alone in its attendees. Considering the relative Bitcoin to AED conversion across many countries, below we can find some other popular Bitcoin conversions from across the world:

Popular conversions of bitcoin (BTC)

  • BTC to USD
  • BTC to AED
  • BTC to INR
  • BTC to EUR
  • BTC to CAD
  • BTC to AUD


With over 25 million holders in the country, BTC to USD is one of the world’s most popular crypto-related search terms. Currently, BTC is worth approximately $30,000.


Bitcoin to AED continues to grow in popularity, particularly after government policies became more favorable to the use and ownership of cryptocurrencies in the country. Is Bitcoin legal in UAE tends to be another popular search term related to this, showing there is a sense of intrigue towards the world’s most popular crypto in the region.


Indonesia is taking a lot of inspiration from its UAE counterpart when it comes to crypto. Ownership of crypto in the country continues to rise, and will no doubt follow the same trajectory as Dubai.


1 btc to aed is actually not too far off the value of 1 btc to eur right now, at just over 28,000 euros. Europe is beginning to clarify its stance on crypto, however at this current time it is not anywhere near as progressive as what we’ve recently seen in Dubai.


Bitcoin in Canada recently gained a lot of attention with the Canadian truckers protest. Like much of western Europe, Bitcoin is in the middle of its ‘clarification’ stage in Canada, with the government working towards establishing effective rules and regulations on crypto.


At the moment, 1 Bitcoin will cost an Aussie trader over 42,000 AUD. Australia is dubbed as a progressive cryptocurrency hotspot, with all aspects of crypto use legalized.

Best platform to buy Bitcoin in Dubai

With the question of how to buy bitcoin in UAE becoming ever-more popular, so is the demand for a crypto exchange UAE based. While most major crypto exchanges will convert bitcoin to uae as standard, traders will seek a platform that goes above and beyond the typical expectations of an exchange. Two notable exchanges for this are:

  • ZB.com
  • Binance.US


ZB.com has been in the crypto space since 2013, making it one of the most experienced exchanges on the market. ZB provides traders with the opportunity to trade Spot, Margin and Futures functions on its one stop platform, as well as the ability to convert Bitcoin to AED using live market prices. On ZB, you can convert Bitcoin to AED, USD, GBP, and buy crypto using multiple currencies. You can also trade your crypto with local buyers, so if you want to convert your Bitcoin to AED by selling to a local purchaser, ZB will act as a facilitator for that. When considering how to buy bitcoin in the UAE, ZB.com should be one of the first places you search.


Binance.US is the United States version of Binance. Binance are one of, if not the, biggest player in the cryptocurrency space. On Binance, you can trade thousands of coins using multiple currencies. On Binance, you can convert Bitcoin to AED using live market prices also.

What are the crypto rules in UAE?

  • Is Bitcoin legal in the UAE? - Yes, Bitcoin is legal in the UAE. Regulation has recently been introduced to create a strong operating framework for cryptocurrency exchanges in the country, as Dubai and Abu Dhabi look to become the world’s crypto kings.
  • Crypto mining is also legal in the UAE, allowing miners in the country to actively pursue the rewards of successfully mining Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies.
  • The Dubai government has recently introduced legislation that aims at protecting consumers against any fraudulent activities in the industry.

Which industries are accepting Bitcoin payment method in Dubai?

  • Properties
  • Traveling
  • Restaurants

Properties - With 1 BTC to AED trading at approximately 110,000 AED, now is a hot time for traders looking to purchase property with their Bitcoin. In Dubai, that’s exactly possible. Many real estate brokers are now accepting Bitcoin as a legitimate payment form, and with the price of Bitcoin falling recently, it would be a good time to make the most of the current 1 BTC to AED conversion.

Traveling - Recently, there was a game changer for cryptocurrency for Dubai in the travel industry, with Emirates collaborating with local crypto companies to begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. When think about how to buy Bitcoin in the UAE, just remember - one good investment could get you into first class on your next Emirates flight!

Restaurants - You’ve heard of Dogecoin, but have you heard of Doge Burger? A fully crypto-based restaurant, you can buy your burgers using crypto - including…you guessed it, Dogecoin! There are a handful of other restaurants in the city too that are accepting cryptocurrencies, as the tide starts to turn towards crypto.


Where can I buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

You can buy Bitcoin in Dubai on popular crypto exchange UAE sites like ZB.com, Binance, crypto.com and many more. On these exchanges, you’ll be able to convert Bitcoin to AED using live market prices.

Which Bitcoin wallet is best in Dubai?

ZB.com has its own bitcoin wallet built into its platform. As a trader based in Dubai, whatever crypto you purchase on ZB is stored securely on ZB using your wallet, and there is no requirement to own an external wallet to transfer your crypto to.

What crypto is Dubai buying?

Dubai is getting accustomed to all kinds of crypto! As is typical, however, the most popular crypto coins are the typical Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge. As the Bitcoin to AED price has recently reduced and got cheaper for traders, many are looking at buying the dip and investing in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

What is the latest Dubai crypto news?

The hottest news out of Dubai is Bitcoin is legal in UAE, and crypto exchanges are working collaboratively with the local government to provide the best possible service to traders in the region.