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Best Crypto Trading App

With crypto in something of a boom cycle of popularity at the moment, opportunities are continuing to arise for traders across the globe to get started on their trading journey. It is worth noting too that, with the recent crypto crash reducing prices of most tokens to pre-2021 levels, if you’re thinking about which crypto to buy today, it will almost definitely be considered undervalued.

With this rise in popularity for cryptocurrency trading meaning the industry is becoming more popular, budding crypto enthusiasts will be wondering what the best crypto trading app is for their specific circumstances. While this will depend on the particular crypto market they are looking to operate in, traders can look for certain characteristics that will point them towards the best crypto exchanging application available.

ZB is the Best App for Crypto Trading

One of the best crypto trading app platforms available to traders is ZB.com. ZB has spent nearly a decade in cryptocurrency trading meaning they are one of the oldest and most experienced platforms available on the cryptomarket. Having been in the crypto industry since 2013, ZB has navigated many crypto crashes like the one we are experiencing right now.

ZB.com facilitates Spot, Margin and Futures trading, offers automated trading strategies via its trading bot tool, and also allows traders to stake, save and loan their cryptocurrencies. Traders are able to buy crypto using their credit/debit card, via direct bank transfer, or by the fee-free P2P trading platform to enter the crypto market and start Spot trading or Derivatives Futures trading.

ZB’s instant price updates give traders clear insights into which crypto to buy today, and with their approach to trading meaning that transactions can be completed in seconds, you can be sure that you are getting the most up to date price with them. When looking for the crypto exchanging application, put ZB on top of your list.

Which crypto to buy today?

  • Ether (ETH)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB)
  • Cardano (ADA)

Ether (ETH)

Chances are, if you know anything about cryptocurrencies you will have heard of Ethereum. ETH is a highly established token, initially released in July 2015, and growing in popularity across India. The crypto has been on a tremendous growth journey since its inception, growing 33,500% since 2016 to date, and most importantly outperforming Bitcoin in 2021 - gaining 418% in comparison to Bitcoin’s 66%.

Ripple (XRP)

XRP is one of the top rated cryptocurrencies according to CoinMarketCap, a leading crypto price tracking website. Enjoying its peak prices in 2017 at over $3 a token, XRP currently trades close to $0.32 owing to the last crypto crash - its lowest price since early 2021, with this value for trading meaning its as cheap as it has been in a long time.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

On to the meme coins! Both Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are the most famous of the meme coins, with Dogecoin getting very high profile backing from Tesla owner Elon Musk. Often, tweets made by Musk about Dogecoin will affect its price for trading meaning it will see a short spike in value on the back of any positive comments made by him.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

The second of the mainstream meme coins, Shiba Inu is ever popular in the crypto market. This crypto was created as something of an homage to the Doge meme of many years ago, with its ‘much wow’ side-eye. Shiba is one of the cheaper crypto coins, trading currently at $0.00001014.

Cardano (ADA)

Another leading alternative coin on crypto exchanges, Cardano is another cryptocurrency that is currently trading well below its historical high valuation of close to $3. This could leave a lot of potential room for growth in the future, with a low price for trading meaning it’s a bit more appealing to traders.

The best crypto trading app will list these cryptocurrencies as standard.

Types of crypto trading?

Fundamental to crypto language are the three trading ‘methods’ - Spot Trading, Margin Trading, and Futures Trading, also known as Derivatives Futures. On the surface, daunting for newcomers - but dig a little deeper, and they’re all very easy to get your head around. Trading them is of course another story, but understanding is the first step to mastering! In this article, we’ll demonstrate what each of them is, and how they differ from one another.

  • Spot trading
  • Futures trading

Spot trading

Spot Trading involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies at live market prices. The price you buy and sell at is what the valuation is at the time - ‘on the spot’, so to speak. So, if you load up your laptop or mobile, head to a live crypto exchange, see a Bitcoin trading at price X and decide that you want to buy, that’s the price you pay for it. Same goes for selling too. If you’re currently holding some BTC and you want to offload it quickly, head to a Spot trading exchange and it will be sold at the live market price. Remember, Spot trading = the price on the spot.

Futures trading

Futures Trading, also known as derivatives futures involves the buying and selling of ‘contracts’. Technically, you’re not actually trading cryptocurrencies here - you’re actually trading the value of a contract that guarantees a specific price for a specific crypto, to be settled on a specific date, regardless of live market prices. Rather than heading to a live market and buying and selling at the price you see at the time, the mechanisms are different here. Remember, in Futures, traders agree to buy and sell the value of something at a predetermined time in the future. The agreement is what forms the content of the ‘contract’. When the date for settlement of the contract arrives, it is settled based on the price agreed. The contract’s value on that day doesn’t come into play.

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies?

  • To trade cryptocurrencies, you will first need to find the outshining app for crypto exchange or platform according to your specific trading requirements.
  • From here, you will need to register an account with the platform. This will involve completing some kind of security verification.
  • Deposit funds into your account, either by purchasing crypto with a debit/credit card, via bank transfer or through P2P trading
  • Make your first trade! You can buy long if you think a price will go up, or sell short if you think a price will go down.

Why is ZB the best crypto Best Mobile App?

ZB has a tailored experience for mobile users who are trading, meaning they can navigate the world of crypto in a seamless and user-friendly way.


How to make money in trading?

The crypto market is notoriously volatile, and carries with it the potential for the odd crypto crash as we are seeing currently. To make money in crypto, it is important to research each token you want to invest in, understand the foundation of the project, and get to grips with the nature of the market. With a lack of experience in trading meaning you will be more vulnerable to the forces of the market, it is best to start small and work your way in.

Which crypto to buy today india?

Which crypto to buy today is a question that millions of crypto traders in India ask themselves on a daily basis. To ensure that you have access to live prices as they change, it is important to get hold of the greatest crypto exchange app to stay up to date.

What is Futures trading?

Futures Trading involves the buying and selling of ‘contracts’. Technically, you’re not actually trading cryptocurrencies here - you’re actually trading the value of a contract that guarantees a specific price for a specific crypto, to be settled on a specific date, regardless of live market prices. Rather than heading to a live market and buying and selling at the price you see at the time, the mechanisms are different here.

Which crypto to buy today for the long term?

Buying crypto for the long term is a form of HODLing (holding on for dear life!). This is a popular trading technique for many crypto enthusiasts, as traders look to ride the storm of the recent crypto crash in search of better days for their investments. Unless you have specific intentions of learning about crypto day trading, it is best to buy long term for every crypto you purchase.

What is the best crypto trading app?

The best crypto trading app to cover all of your trading requirements is ZB.com. ZB.com is a digital asset exchange that specializes in spot trading, futures trading and derivatives futures crypto trading.