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Системное объявление Announcement on the Upgrade of ZB Global Partner Program

Announcement on the Upgrade of ZB Global Partner Program

Время публикации:2021-04-21 14:53

Dear users,

In order to further promote the ZB brand and give rewards to our supporters, the ZB Global Partner Program is now upgraded and activated from 16:00 on April 21, 2021(UTC+8). 

The new program adds referral rewards for senior partners and KOL partners while allowing partners to share commissions with invitees. Also, we shorten the Commission settlement cycle from monthly to daily (commission will be settled for the first time on April 22) and provide more transparent and timely commission data for our partners. 

We sincerely invite our supporters to join our partner program to earn super commissions!

Overview of the Spot/Margin Account Commission

Overview of the Spot/Margin Account Commission

* Share with invitees: This means that you can choose to share referral commission with invitees. For example, if your referral commission is 40% of transaction fees, you can share at most 32% of those with your invitees.

* Valid trade: The new referred user make at least one trade ( transaction fees incurred) in ZB platform

* The reward period is long-term now, but ZB reserves the right to modify it.

ZB KOL Partner please contact at [email protected]

Definitions of ZB Partners

Junior partners: Everyone can become our junior partners and earn referral commissions from inviting new users to make valid trades in ZB platform.

Senior partner: A loyal partner of ZB. Once your daily average account balance of ZB tokens meet the requirements, you will automatically be upgraded to the senior partner and enjoy the higher referral commission  (the daily average account balance is automatically calculated by the system).

ZB KOL Partner: If you are a KOL in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency, or finance with influence and followers and you are willing to become KOL partner of ZB, please contact at [email protected] and participate in the ZB Global KOL Program.

ZB Global KOL Program Application: https://forms.gle/HPHoYQhL9zYo2EPGA

Descriptions of referral commission rule

1. For partners who joined us before the implementation date of the new program,  We make the following arrangements:

(1) For partners with the 11%-39% referral commission ratio, the ratio will remain unchanged for three months. After that, those partners should participate in our new program. If some of partners meet the requirements of senior partners, the system will automatically upgrade the junior partner to the senior partner.

(2) For partners with an original referral commission ratio of more than 40%, you will become the ZB KOL partner and automatically participate in the KOL program in your region.

2. All types of partners are allowed to get the commissions from trades in invitee’s sub-accounts and margin accounts and they can also share these commissions with invitees. (the shared commissions will be directly settled to the invitee's main account).

3. Daily average account balance refers to your average account balance in the past 30 days. The system will randomly snapshot your account every day and the snapshot assets include spot account( including available and frozen) and total assets of financial account.

4. Futures account rebate rules: the rebate ratio of Futures account and the rebate ratio of spot/margin account are set separately. The rebate of Futures account are settled and distributed to the user's contract account. The Futures account shares the same referral relationship with the spot/margin account.

5. Each partner can generate up to 20 referral ID (no limit to the number of invitees for each ID) and they cannot be deleted. Also, sub-accounts are not allowed to generate referral ID.

6. The Partner’s base referral commission ratio will be updated at 08:00 am every day, and it is valid for 24 hours.

7. Commission calculation and distribution: The system will automatically calculate the total trade fees generated by all your invitees, and the commission will be settled to your account at 08:00 am every day. The commission you get is settled in the currency of the transaction fee generated by the invitees.

8. Risk control : For those who use illegal ways or inappropriate methods to attract new customers to make trades in ZB platform, ZB has the rights to cancel the referral commission.

9. The time we mentioned in this announcement is Hong Kong time.

Notice: Our system will be upgraded and data will be migrated at 3:00 pm on April 21. Referral ID will be temporarily unavailable before the upgrade is completed. After that, Users need to use the new referral ID for promotion and the original referral ID will become invalid. The process is estimated for one hour,  please check the announcement about the completion of upgrade.

If you have any questions regarding the above content, please contact us: [email protected]

*ZB has the rights to adjust or modify the above terms according to the situation, and reserve the rights to explain ambiguous rules.

Thank you for your support!

ZB Global Team

April 21, 2021

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